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Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog

Nov 29, 2016   //   by Homeward Bound   //   Articles  //  No Comments

Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog – They Deserve Love Too



A lot of people avoid adopting senior dogs because they prefer puppies. Why?

Puppies are more of a responsibility than senior dogs, but they are not as popular as puppies because they are not “new.” Here are a few reasons you may want to consider becoming an owner of a senior dog.


You don’t have to worry about starting from scratch with training and making them housebroken. Senior dogs are already housebroken and can “hold it” if he has to, so there are not any worries about accidents on the floor and messes to clean up.

Chewing Massacre

Senior dogs are out of their puppy phase and destroying things by constantly chewing on them is rare. You don’t have to worry about holes in socks, your favorite pair of shoes that are ruined or coats and jackets with missing zippers. Senior dogs scan enjoy their freedom roaming through the home without getting into things, tearing things up, and making a mess.

Getting Some Shut-Eye

There’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep, and a with a puppy, you won’t be able to sleep peacefully. You have to get up and make sure the puppy is up to use the bathroom every few hours. A senior dog is all about sleeping and having a good night’s rest. They won’t be upset if you sleep through the night into the next afternoon. Senior dogs don’t have to use the bathroom as frequently as puppies.

Cool, Calm, and Relaxed

Puppies run from one end of a home to the other at full speed, non-stop for a few hours and still have more energy. Senior dogs are calm and more relaxed than puppies, allowing you to relax when you come home from work or running errands. Senior dogs won’t jump on you and knock you down from pure excitement. These dogs are always happy to see you, but they know how to control themselves and their excitement.
Trips to the Vet

Easy vet trips are like heaven for pet owners. Taking a puppy to the vet is similar to mission impossible while taking a senior dog to the vet is as easy as putting the dog in the car. Older dogs ride in the car without too much of a hassle. Puppies will jump from the front seat to the back seat during the entire trip, making it impossible to peacefully reach your destination.

Good or Bad?

With a puppy, there are a lot of things you are not sure of, including how big they will get, their temperament, and how easy they will be to train. With a senior dog, you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Instant Companionship

Being the owner of a senior dog has many perks. A lot of the time, you have to wait for a puppy to become a certain age to take them somewhere. With a senior dog, you can embark on many adventures as many times as you would like. Senior dogs may be older than puppies, but they still like to have fun, including swimming and jogging with their owner.

The Perfect Match

Becoming the owner of a senior dog gives you the opportunity to choose a pet that is perfect for your needs. You may prefer a dog that doesn’t shed a lot and has the perfect tolerance for children. With a puppy, it’s kind of difficult to determine exactly how they will turn out and what they will and will not tolerate, but a senior dog is an open book. Everything you need to know to make your decision is in front of you. There are no unwanted surprises. Everything you want, you can get.

Getting to Know Your Pet

Senior dogs are full of love and appreciation. You can get to know your senior pet and in turn, gain a new friend. Senior dogs are alert, loyal, and attentive. They want to be loved as much as you do. They don’t mind listening about your long day at work or your recent heartbreak. These dogs just want to see you happy and let you know they will always be there for you. There’s nothing better than that!

A lot of people frown upon owning a senior pet, but there are a lot of benefits they don’t know about. The above-mentioned benefits are just a few reasons owning a senior dog is a great idea. Senior dogs have a lot to offer their owners, but they are often frowned upon because they are older. At the end of the day, senior dogs are just as good as puppies, if not better. Besides, senior dogs need love too!

About the Author

Mary Nielsen is a passionate dog lover, blogger and part-time music teacher. She started to share her ups and downs of being a pet parent to a bunch of adorable mutts. When she is not playing with them or teaching, you can find her experimenting in the kitchen.


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