A huge thank you to the folks below for their generous support 2012-2013!

Jamison L. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Jennifer G. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Bradley S. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Eric G. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Marianne M. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Diana S. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Paul I. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Tiffany and Luke (Petco Gift Card)

Sue M. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

David J. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Teri H. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Paul I. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Erika F. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Susan S. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Sally C. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Kelsey D. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Paul M. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Anthony L. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Ryan A. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Jeffrey P. – California (Cash Donation)

Sally C. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Breann O. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Todd S. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Catherine L. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Deborah O. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Jane S. – Arizona (Cash Donation)

Ken K. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Ryan H. – Utah (Cash Donation)

Lora R. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Joshua P. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Jacqueline M. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Jason W. – Minnesota (Cash Donation Fast and the Furry 2014)

Anonymous – Anonymous (Cash Donation Fast and the Furry 2014)

Michelle K. – Minnesota (Cash Donation Fast and the Furry 2014)

Jean T. – Iowa (Cash Donation Fast and the Furry 2014)

Michelle K. – Minnesota (Cash Donation Fast and the Furry 2014)

Michele P. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Sue L. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Sue M. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Michelle S. – Minnesota (Cash Donation in memory of my Forever Dog, Samantha, who opened my heart to adopt two amazing dogs from you 5 years ago, Speckles and Morey. Thank you for making our family even bigger.)

Amie E. – Minnesota Cash Donation for our beloved Ralph!)

Sidney L. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Jamie S. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Kara B. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Karen L. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Laura C. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Colleen K. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Jason S. – California (Cash Donation)

Jennifer W. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Jennifer K. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Luanne B. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Erin G. – Minnesota (Cash Donation to Toby and Tiger, our wonderful pets that we adopted through Homeward Bound.)

Lariza C. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Cheryl H. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Janet A. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Matthew A. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Meghan A. – Minnesota (Cash Donation in memory of Calvinator & Dakota.)

Linda V. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Lisse R. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Susan M. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Janet S. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Ronna P. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Lauren P. – Minnesota (Cash Donation This is in honor of David Palay who volunteered for Homeward Bound)

Kimberly P. – Wisconsin (Cash Donation)

Lisa S. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Elizabeth F. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Jennifer B. – Minnesota (Cash Donation in honor of the best dog ever – Bergie – (once known as Beje). Thanks for saving her and all the others!)

Megan L. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Laura H. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Trilby B. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Pamela S. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Lori E. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Anonymous – (Cash Donation)

Jessica S. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Esther K. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Gary W. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Janie P. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Craig B. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Meenakshi J. – Minnesota (Cash Donation – thank you from Redlin and me!)

April C. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Caroline L. – Minnesota (Cash Donation)

Angela, Urban Sense Design, raffle/gift bag donations

Zeuss and Company (food donation)

Sheila J. – Minnesota (special cash donation for Ceci Samadani)

Suzanne K. – Minnesota (cash donation)

James O. – Minnesota (cash donation in honor of the wedding of Nick Mahowald and Allison Souba.)

Deborah C. – Michigan (cash donation for Wyoming’s vetting)

Ralph I. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Kimberly D. – Minnesota (cash donation in memory of Tucker, who lived with my friend Susan.  He was an awesome dog. RIP Tuck!)

Kathy K . – Minnesota (cash donation on behalf of Robb Burnham of WACSO; a Twin Cities illustrator who devotes his talent to sketches of Twin Cities’ dogs.)

Anthony B. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Michelle S. – Minnesota (cash donation in memory of Dan and Brenna’s dog Fin.)

Andrew R. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Molly M. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Mitch K. – Minnesota (cash donation in memory of Miley, a beautiful Cavalier that surpassed everyone’s expectations!)

Kuhl Studio – Minnesota (cash donation from a portion of the profits from the sale of Nelli Designs Candles in 2012.)

John A. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Ken K. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Josephine A. – Connecticut (cash donation)

Erik M. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Julie S. – Ontario, CA (cash donation)

Joanne D. – Minnesota (cash donation for a treat for Suzy.)

Charles T. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Eric G. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Matthew C. – Minnesota (cash donation)

James R. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Marianne M. – Minnesota (cash donation – We adopted Mia from HB 7 years ago this past November.  We continue to
be blessed by her love! My support is to help care for others the way Mia was cared for as a Medical Needs Dog when she was there.  THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!)

Paul M. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Diana S. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Lindsey R. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Amanda W. – Minnesota (cash donation made in memory of my parents’, Bob and Arlene Jones, beloved Gordon Setter, “Annie”.)

Tyre J. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Jerry L. – Wisconsin (cash donation)

Carren H. – Georgia (cash donation for my husband Charlie, a dog lover.)

Mary Beth M. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Justin W. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Roxanne P. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Saly C. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Marry K. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Bonnie Z. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Alissa J. – Colorado (cash donation made on behalf of Al Johnson and Jan Nicodemus.)

Ellen B. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Robert O. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Juli P. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Kris E. – Minnesota (cash donation made in memory of Buster.)

Rebecca F. – Minnesota (cash donation made in memory of my Sheltie Barkley 11/7/12)

Laura V. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Maris and Don G. – California (cash donation)

Michael A. – Minnesota (cash donation – Thank you for giving my family a wonderful dog, Jake!)

RFG Distributing (food donation)

Jim, Owner, UPS Store – Edina, MN (cash donation)

West Gate Pet Clinic – Minneapolis, Minnesota (cash donation)

Bob and Arlene J. (Sponsorship of Nike and Rosie in memory of thier beloved Gordon Setter Annie)

Pat Ware – (Sponsorship of Angie)

Keith and Trycia M. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Pampered Pooch Playground and Bubbly Paws Dog Wash (event sponsors)

Carrie C. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Christine T. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Elizabeth W. – Minnesota (cash donation in honor of Zan’s birthday)

Michelle L. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Sandra H. – Illinois (cash donation in memory of Simon, a little dog with a huge heart)

Hollie K. – Illinois (cash donation in memory of Simon)

Amy H. – Minnesota (cash donation in honor of Jerry’s birthday)

Stacy D. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Suzanne B. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Theresa D. – Iowa (cash donation)

Susan Y. – Minnesota (cash donation)

Happy Earth Cleaning, LLC  

Amy G. – California (cash donation in honor of Peter T.)

Mike D. – Puppy Pipeline Rescue, Georgia (cash donations)

Jacqueline R. – Nebraska (cash donation for WALTER – yellow Lab available for adoption.  “I am giving this as a birthday gift for my sister, Linda N. who loves yellow labs. Happy Birthday Linda – I wish you a happy life Walter!)

Jennifer M. (cash donation for Sydney Mosier’s Birthday)

Laurie S. ($50 cash donation for Betsy’s C section)

Lynne K. (cash donation for Betsy and her pups)

Kristen D. (cash donation)

Gary W.  (cash donation)

Chritmas Across the Lands  (cash donation)

Barb B.  (cash donation for Betsy and her pups)

John E.  (cash donation)

Gloria R.  (cash donation)

Richard G.   (cash donation to help with Betsy’s C section and her pups)

Shelley S.  (cash donation)

Annie T.  (cash donation)

Thomas R.  (cash donation)

Jeff L.  (cash donation)

Laurie G.  (cash donation)

Kim P.  (cash donation)

Katy G.  (cash donation for Betsy)

Margaret V.  (cash donation for sweet Betsy and her pups)

Michelle G.  ($100 cash donation)

Celeste C.  (cash donation)

Pamela S.  (cash donation)

Lori Aull  (cash donation)

Sheryl T.  (cash donation for Betsy’s surgery costs)

Glorie R.  (cash donation from my friend Julie K. for Betsy and her puppies)

Corey B.  ($100 cash donation for Shotgun Annie on behalf of Scott Challgren, Joshua TX)

Steve S. ($300 cash donation on behalf of Jackie and Alex S. of Plymouth, MN ardent supporters of dogs)

Ken G.  (cash donation)

Ray C.  ($100 cash donation)

Ashley B.  (cash donation)

Chuck A.  (cash donation)

Ron B.  (cash donation)

Gary W.  (cash donation for sales taxes)

Tara K.  (cash donation sales tax for Moss/Sam adopted June 2009)

Kenneth P.  (cash donation)

Mary H. (cash donation for sales taxes)

Megan P. (cash donation)

Eric and Erin S. ($10,000 cash donation for the dogs of HB)

M.A.R.C Rescue (cash donation)

Suzanne Bidwell  (cash donation “in loving memory of Nikow, a wonderful Pug boy”)

Joshu Media LLC (cash donation)


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